Bottling FU Sandy

Today we are bottling the long awaited FU Sandy!  They will be available at you local liquor stores July 1st! Be sure to pick some up and continue to support the efforts to Restore the Shore!!! Available for a limited time in 750 ml bottles. 

  • getting ready.jpg
  • Front of the line.jpg
  • Fornt of the Line 2.jpg
  • diesel and his machine.jpg
  • Filler 1.jpg
  • Filler 3.jpg
  • Filler 2.jpg
  • Filler 4.jpg
  • Filler 5.jpg
  • Filler 6.jpg
  • Filler 7.jpg
  • Just filled and capped.jpg
  • Art Packaging.jpg
  • andy supervising.jpg
  • Art 2.jpg
  • Art.jpg
  • Bernard.jpg
  • Bernard 2.jpg
  • Bottling.jpg
  • Katey.jpg
  • Myles.jpg
  • Myles 2.jpg
  • walt n bernard.jpg
  • Walt.jpg

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