Nellie the Goat Tested, Digested and Approved

Nellie the Goat Tested, Digested and Approved

A new friend of ours, Shirley, sent this email about the adventures ate her recent birthday party......

On Saturday April 27th, I went to the beer store in Morgantown to buy beer for my sixtieth birthday party.  I explained to the guy from your brewery that I was not a beer drinker - but that I had to get some beer for my party.  I noticed that the display had boxes of various beer, one of which was called Flying Fish Farm House Ale.  I was having my party at my farm house - so it seemed a logical choice! When I got home with seven cases of beer my family said I had made some good choices - especially the Farm House.  The party was a huge success, and the ale paired well with the food from the Sunflower Lunch Truck which catered. Because we are committed to upcycle and recycle when possible, my daughter-in-law Jaime gave her goat Nellie the Flying Fish box and she really enjoyed it.  It stood up a lot better than the Corona box.  I thought you would appreciate the picture.  Thanks for a great product.  

But not everyone had a great time.  In a follow up email she noted:

Immediately after this picture was taken Nellie butted my twenty year old grandson in the privates - perhaps dashing my wishes for a great grandchild some day.

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