The Birth of a Brewery

GeneThere are now about 1,500 breweries operating in the United States–more than at any time in our history. As with any growing industry, there are also quite a few breweries that didn't make it. But how did the successful ones get to where they are? And what's it really take to start and run a craft brewery? Well, that's what we found out–and are still finding out–while operating our own brewery–Flying Fish Brewing Company®.

We got the idea of getting on the Web in 1995 not only to introduce our brewery, but to provide a look at what we've gone through – and are still going through – so people who are thinking about opening a brewery or who just love good beer can get a behind-the-taps view. We're compiling our experiences, and those of other brewers, under the title Brewery Business Lessons 101.

Wanna help? What's New area, which is where we include regular updates on our progress.

And remember, have fun. Hey, this is beer we're talking about here!

Gene Muller, Founder and General Manager